About us


HISTORY –  Providing different types of packaging materials to our customers.  Following modern tendencies, for convenience of our customers, we had opened the on-line store and the stock of goods, which is growing year after year.

NAME – BPACK is an acronym of BOX PACK.

COMPANY – On-line store is the property of LLC“BPACK” company, registered in Latvia, registration number LV50203074241 and founded for the international trade.

WHY - ?

RELYABILITY - BPACK guarantees the safety of your data by protecting information from hackers. We are also offering the possibility to place an order without registration – just write an e-mail.

QUALITY you don’t need to worry about the quality of our products, as long as all the products are being manufactured using new and modern facilities. Only the best materials of highest quality with a certificate, permitting contact with food products are being used. 

CONFIDENCE - results of our customers’ survey shows that our customers are happy with the products they had purchased, with our service and shipping; they are planning to purchase from us once again.

ADVANTAGES – choice of shipping company provides the possibility to receive any quantity of products within several days.

CONVENIENCE - BPACK offers user-friendly homepage. You can quickly find the desired size in search, choose the necessary category, find out product specification, place an order or make an order just by sending an e-mail. We are also improving the ease of use, search and order for each action to be as easy as possible.

SHIPPING – provided within 1-3 days.

SERVICE – we are constantly investing in order processing, homepage and improvement of customer service.

COMMUNICATION – get the necessary information quickly and competently by phone or an e-mail. We are speaking Russian, English and Latvian languages.

HOMEPAGE – We are improving our homepage every day to make purchases easier and faster for you.

ASSORTMENT - team is constantly working on the expansion of our assortment.